Monday, February 19, 2007

Scrybe Speaks and Straw Sees Sense (Ppossibly Unrelated)

Sorry guys, but I'm not going to be posting for a few days. Family crisis of a serious scale precludes anything other than work and being there for the fam. Will return to posting once I feel able.

I will however briefly celebrate Straw's U-turn on his ridiculous and, arguably, heinous preferential voting system for the Lords. I must look into this more closely, but I had something serious in the offing about it whcih may well see the light of day anyway (it has general relevance as this debate is so clouded with misunderstandings and lack of research), but I'm glad he droped the dumb idea.

Now, my fam beckons.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Scrybe Moves

Im moving to oventry today. Will start posting more (and moving my blogroll over here and to the other place [see post below]) once I get my computer connected at the other end - it shouldn't take too long.

Goodbye LDN!

Hello Coventry!!

The 24th is, of course, still on the cards.


Thursday, February 15, 2007


This blog and the other place are the natural offspring of, and replacement for, Tha London Diaries which is now being permanently suspended in a vat of internet formaldehyde for two key reasons:

(i) Scrybe is soon to be leaving LDN, so the moniker “Tha London Diaries” is losing any accuracy it may once have had, and
(ii) As proud as I am of some aspects of that blog, I just don’t think it worked.

More on (ii) …

I intended to use Tha LDN Diaries to publish some of my thoughts on politics, while also including some humour and vague ‘biography’ for the benefit of those who know me personally. Yet it seems that for most of the time, I was only posting the latter.

I also intended to include some non-politics ‘thoughts’’ but this also failed to materialise. Having read many other blogs from some time now, I think I would best manage these two aspirations by keeping separate blogs for each (with maybe a bit of overlap).

My apologies to everyone who is being forced to update their blogroll by this decision (hey, I had to change the title anyway!).

In keeping with the aims of this blog, I feel I should provide sme rules for this blog (which may be added to at a later date).

(1) Posts will only be amended for typos. Any updates or apologies for factual errors will be clearly indicated as such. Any offensive posts shall remain as they are (with a possible exception should I violate libel laws). Should I deem an apology for such posts appropriate, this shall appear as a new post (with requisite linkage).
(2) There will be no comment moderation – except in the case of excessive spamming or illegal activity.
(3) Spamming posts will be deleted, as will any attempt to “unmask” me or any other pseudonymous poster on this blog unless there are exigent circumstances.
(4) Wehrever I refer to statistic or quotations I shall endeavour to supply suitable referencing for my comments to be verified. I expect a similar (although somewhat lesser) standardf to operate in the comments section, where possible.
(5) I reserve the right to criticise bad argument, even where the argument is supposed to be in support of, or agreement with, my own view.

Now that all of that has been taken care of, I can get on with real posting…..